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Does anyone in your team have a solid marketing experience? We want a team that understands the value of marketing.


Understanding of token economics

The demand of your tokens from users/customers is the only intrinsic value of it. Your customers must buy more tokens than selling it. How will you make it possible?

Low market cap

Often times, too much money corrupts startups. We are more willing to invest in a low market cap project. By the way, Facebook's initial investment was $500,000.

Active users

No business can be successful without customers. Speculation does not last long. The only way to increase value of the tokens is to have a large number of active users.

Let us know!

We love to hear about your project and who you are. Discussion can be done via Skype, when you contact us please leave your Skype ID and the website address. We invest in a seed stage business, ICO, and private equity.


Our team

Andrew Hongju Lee


Bobae Enn Lee

Vice President

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